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Unlocking SEO Success in 2024: Key Focus Areas for Optimal Results

Explores Essential Strategies To Unlock Success In SEO For The Year 2024 & Select Your SEO Company


SEO helps you to attract more quality visitors to your website. Thereby best SEO practices directly help increase online sales & business growth.   In this blog, I explain five of the most important tips for successful SEO practices in 2024. By following these tips you can choose the Best SEO Company in Kerala for your firm.

Page Speed 

A page that opens quickly does not disappoint its visitors. More than ever, it is important to have pages that load quickly. If we look at Google Analytics, pages that load quickly will get a higher status.

A good page opens in less than 3 sec. so you need to check out the page speed with tools. There are enormous tools available when you search for page speed-checking tools. Google also has a couple of tools available that you can use to check if your pages are fast. (  With these tools, you can automatically upgrade your content to become more speedy to the world’s largest search engine. You should use these tools to check how fast your pages are loading. If anything distracts your site from loading fast, you can identify it from the tool, page speed insight. Do the test for both mobile and PC before you launch the pages.

For everyone working on the SEO of their sites, Page Speed Insights is an inevitable tool.  The tool provides valuable insights into how fast your site loads and how your website performs. You need to understand the important metrics like Core Web Vitals, First Contentful Paint, Largest Contentful Paint etc. given by Page Speed Insights. After that, optimize your website from the page speed insight suggestions.      

Focus on long content

You need to write long content to attract visitors and also to attract search engines like  Google. Long contents give visitors a clear & complete idea of the topic. Long attractive content helps engage with the visitors for a long time and thus when they start interacting with the page there is an increase in dwell time. So naturally the bounce rate will decrease.  

Long content helps you to include more keywords in the content so that you can rank more keywords, especially long-tail and semantic keywords related to your main topic.

By writing long-form content you have the opportunity to include all information related to the topic, possibly give answers to the reader’s questions, and provide more value to your visitors. When content is information-rich, readers need not go to other pages or other websites to get answers to the related query. This makes the readers spend more time on the website, thereby you can reduce the bounce rate. This can inform Google that your content is comprehensive, authoritative, and relevant, and boost your visibility and traffic. Above all long-form content can serve as a reference source or a resource for further learning, this helps you to attract backlinks from other websites. Backlinks are one of the most important ranking factors in SEO, as they indicate the popularity and credibility of your content.

Add more ingredients

Just like a good soup, a webpage becomes more interesting when you include varied ingredients, like images, videos, FAQs etc. It is not just one thing that increases visitors to the website, but many factors together do it. Think sound, video and text in one context. when you include images to the website use high-quality images in the prescribed format, size & resolution for more user engagement.

You must optimise the image with the above-mentioned things, plus the right alternate text, title & description. image optimization also includes accurately labelling images with alternate text, titles & descriptions so search engine crawlers can read them and understand page context.

Updating and improving existing content.

For getting the improved website ranking update content on your website. Take a few weeks to update your blog post, and web page content. Just update the existing web pages. Surprisingly, you can notice the rankings haven’t suffered; but they will have improved. You will also receive more queries from the website contact form.  

To start with, identify underperforming pages on your website using tools like Google Analytics. Update these pages by including more valuable content that will help you to improve SEO impact & improved search engine rankings.

Search engines, like Google, value fresh relevant & updated content. Updating your existing content means you give it a new life. Search engine algorithms notice this effort, and it results in higher visibility in search results.  Please update your content regularly to identify and correct issues like grammatical mistakes, broken links, or outdated information to deliver polished and trustworthy website content. 

Content refreshing also helps you to avoid cannibalization on pages. cannibalization is a major issue in SEO which occurs when different pages on your website target for the same keywords, which results in internal competition. This confuses search engines with which page to show for particular keyword searches. You can avoid cannibalization by updating and merging the contents into a single authoritative page, thus you can strengthen your website’s SEO strategy. 

Updating your existing content has a powerful impact. It can improve search engine rankings, correct errors, remove cannibalizing pages, enhance user experience, and boost authority and expertise.

The Importance of Links

To get a higher SEO ranking for your website, you’ll need to create internal links and external links, on your website. Also, you have to acquire high-quality backlinks from other authoritative websites in your industry. Creating internal and external links on your site will improve the search visibility and rank of your website.

Internal links help your visitors to stay & interact with your website longer.  A positive user experience can be created by using many internal links on the page. 

When you create external links, the quality and quantity of the external links that you use on the webpage matters. you should focus on linking with trustworthy and informative websites of high quality. High-quality external links improve the credibility of your website, whereas poor-quality, spam external links will affect your site badly.


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How to automate your marketing?

Marketing Automations

Automate Your Marketing

Unlock the potential of your marketing strategy with powerful automation techniques From Us


In this digital era of marketing, the battle for customers’ attention is fiercer than ever. The only way for a business to win this battle is to automate its marketing. With the right analysis, a good understanding of what the goal is, and choosing the right tools, you are well on your way to success.

There are almost endless channels emerging day by day, and new channels are constantly emerging. Consumers jump from one channel to another according to their preferences. They may check TikTok, watch videos on YouTube and look for recipes on Google.

Good marketing is sending the right message, at the right time and through the right channels. Without automation, it is nearly impossible to achieve this goal.

If your job is to create personalized messages based on your customers’ behavior and background, analyze this data and report sale, then automation helps you to complete your job quickly & successfully.


How do you plan automation?


Let’s say you have a store that sells goods online. Automation means that the buyer first receives an order confirmation. The buyer then receives a message when the item has been sent, and also a tracking number. When the order has been received, the customer may receive another email asking them to rate the purchase experience.

Another example of automation is if the customer receives a reminder after they have added a product to the shopping cart without checking out.
The goal of automation should be clear. Is it to save time? Or to increase earnings?
A sequence must then be created. Write down a sequence of what will happen. What will trigger the automation?


How to find the right tool?


Once you have done this, you can find a tool that can help you. There are hundreds of tools to help you. A good place to start is where you can compare different apps or programs for automation. Here you can compare price, customers’ assessment of the tool and what characteristics the various tools have. If you only need the CMS, then you can find a tool that only has this. 

Take advantage of these resources to identify the tool that best aligns with your objectives and budget. Whether you require a comprehensive marketing automation suite or a specialized tool for a specific function, conducting thorough research will help you make an informed decision.


Embrace the Automation Mantra

Automation is the key to unlocking the full potential of your marketing efforts in today’s fast-paced digital landscape. By automating repetitive tasks, analyzing customer data, and delivering personalized messages, businesses can enhance efficiency, drive revenue, and cultivate lasting customer relationships.

As you embark on your automation journey, remember the mantra: “Automate, analyze, personalize.” Embrace automation as a powerful tool for streamlining processes, optimizing performance, and ultimately achieving your marketing goals. With the right strategy and the right tools in place, success is within your reach. 



Mantra IT Solutions stands at the forefront of digital marketing services, offering unparalleled expertise and innovation to propel your business to new heights. With a focus on automation, analysis, and personalization, we unlock the full potential of your marketing efforts, driving efficiency, revenue, and customer engagement. Our comprehensive suite of services ensures that your brand remains competitive in today’s fast-paced digital landscape. Partner with us to harness the power of digital marketing and achieve your business goals. Trust Mantra IT Solutions to be your guiding force in navigating the complexities of the digital realm, delivering results that exceed expectations.

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