Software Development Company in Kochi, Kerala

Software Development Company in Kochi

Do you need to update your business with the latest software?

Mantra IT Solutions, The Best web development company in Kochi, offers a different range of customized software solutions for you to run the business efficiently. As a leading website development company in Kochi, we ensure the best customer support. Our software solutions include POS, Inventory Management, Billing, Human Resource Management (HRM), Customer Relationship Management(CRM), Asset Management, Attendance Management and Network Monitoring Systems. Our software team follows industry best practices to develop software products designed for optimal performance. Now Visit The Best Web Development Company In Kochi

What do we offer to you?

Inventory Management

The best inventory management software helps your business. Lauded with multiple features such as tracking, sales booster, order management, shipping integrations, CRM and Accounting integrations and more, the inventory software is a powerful tool for your business.

CRM Software

You like to convert more business leads, better engage with customers and increase revenue? Use our innovative CRM software designed for effective customer relations management. The amazing features allow you to sales and marketing opportunities and help you with customer retention strategies.

HRM Software

Human Resources are the lifeline of any kind of business. Such an effective management of your business’s most valuable asset is crucial to the growth and success of your business. The starting place is to have an effective HR management software that supports organizations’ efforts at improving employees skills and productivity.

Software Development FAQs

We offer diverse software solutions such as POS, Billing, Inventory Management, CRM, HRM, Logistics, Token/Queue management, ERP, Asset management, Attendance management and Network monitoring systems management.

It depends on a variety of factors including the skills and experience of the team that is working on the project, the complexity of the software system, and how quickly they are able to test and revise their work. However, given enough time and resources, most software systems can eventually be completed.

Yes, our customer support is available 24×7. We understand that not everyone can be online at the same time, so we offer live chat and an email response time guarantee to make sure that you always have access to help when you need it.

Software development is the process of designing, documenting, programming, testing, and maintaining a software deliverable. The combination of these steps is used to create a workflow pipeline, a sequence of steps that, when performed, produce high-quality software deliverables.

A contributor on Accounting Tools suggests that the following costs can be capitalized:

Costs for equipment and services such as third-party development costs, and travel costs associated with development work.

Compensation for those who are directly involved in the software development process.


Apps are created by software developers to help meet user needs as closely as possible. Software developers enhance and improve old apps to eliminate bugs, while constantly searching for new app opportunities to fill a previously unseen gap in the app market.

RATIONALE. Kim uses a rapid application development approach to quickly create a functional model of new software, obtain user feedback on the model and use it to update the model.

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